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Kassie wants to get an MFA from Starfleet Academy.

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active characters. [06 Jun 2017|01:11pm]
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miscellany. [06 Jun 2017|12:17pm]


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house of atreus prompts. [06 Jun 2017|12:20pm]
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[06 Jun 2017|12:10pm]

[info]iam the Chuck Shurley of insanejournal.
[info]iamthe Dr. Spencer Reid of insanejournal.
[info]iamthe Federico Garcia Lorca of insanejournal.
Severus Snape/Barty Crouch, Jr. is my [info]otp.
Federico García Lorca/Salvador Dali is my [info]otp.
Michael Corner/Terry Boot/Anthony Goldstein is my [info]otp.

Yeah, about that. )
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[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Star Trek: DS9 (The Passenger). ]

a picture and a ramble and STAR TREK YAY. )

Point 2: [info]lockdownmods ARE GO. …or will be very soon, pending a modly triumvirate discussion of one last thing, and me putting together one last paragraph of information. Achievement especially notable because… Tony and Penny got stuck with Pinkie Pie for a co-mod, meaning I generally need to be on a leash and have it periodically yanked so I remember to do things.

Point 3: Sex meme, I guess? Any takers?
eta, prompted by Tony: Gyre!Barty; Lockdown!Fabian & Rabastan.

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rivers belong where they can ramble; eagles belong where they can fly. [16 Jul 2011|11:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Futurama (Bender's Game). ]

Commence thoughts about DH2, HP fandom, and whatnot, similar things. Considering Barty was the first character in the books I actually identified with, rather than just enjoying, an icon of him seems appropriate.

Anyway. I haven't seen the movie yet and… I probably won't for a while. Part of it's that I still need to see friggin' X-Men and get a few people off my back about it. Part of it's that I haven't seen HBP or DH part 1 yet because… basically, I couldn't be bothered, even after my mother gave me a DVD of HBP for Christmas one year. Part of it's that I just hate being around too many people for too long, even in a cold dark place like a movie theatre, and so I plan to wait a few weeks, at least, so the number of people going will have petered out some.

I have no idea how long this is going to go on, so… I'm just going to pre-emptively TL;DR myself and say that [info]wingedthing encapsulated my thoughts on everything I want to say better (that is to say, more succinctly) than I ever could: [the Harry Potter fandom] won't go away. This isn't because fans are in denial. This is because the world JKR created is too big for it to be confined to seven books, eight movies, a theme park and a website. I don't doubt that there will someday be spin-offs, arguments about the extended universe, video games, MMOs (ohgod talk about things that would be my personal WoW killer), TV series, the works.

with that being said… )

But just… thank you, HP fandom. Thank you, people I've RP'd with; all of you are so wonderful. Thank you, people who have put up with my bullshit in every capacity. And if there's any question about ~whether or not this applies to you? …did you read any of the above at all? Even though it was mostly a bunch of self-indulgent whining and bullshit? Then it applies to you.

… also, I've been pretty depressed all night, most of which got channelled into this, and then I read this absolutely wonderful My Little Pony fic and it made everything wonderful. (Yes, it's My Little Pony fanfiction. Yes, I am approximately five and I love sparkly things.)

Posting time: 6:34 AM, EST. After I sleep, I might regret this. Oh well.

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Responsibility or meme? …meme, obvs. [14 Jul 2011|02:26pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Up! ]

Instructions For The Highly Egocentric Interview Meme:
1.) Comment with 1-5 questions on the following subjects:
• To my characters [I will respond ICly as that character]
• About my characters [I will respond OOC]
• Generic RP/writing questions

2.) I will then send teal deers stampeding through your inbox.

3.) Rinse and repeat on your own journal if you'd like.

And unrelated to the meme. So I was being flail-y and insecure (…like this is somehow not my normal state of being), which led to [info]giraffery telling me, in detail that makes my TL;DR, Dostoevsky-loving heart so very happy, why she'd actually see me in Slytherin instead.
I'm just memorializing this in various places because sdkfewgrgk. )

And what Ann Louise told my ... flail-y, insecure ass:
Seriously. My stage manager is goddamn brilliant. )

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doot doot, nothing to see here. [12 Jul 2011|06:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Law & Order: SVU. ]

So, like, White Collar is one of the most awesome things ever. I can't believe I denied myself this wonderful show for so long because I was busy sulking about the time USA spent showing it instead of SVU reruns. Also, Matthew Bomer.

Unrelatedly: thank Something for my high school friends and our IRC-run dice-based RPGs. They've pretty much maintained all of my interest in RPing for the past few months. Courtesy of: Jr. Lt. Tanya Pavlichenko (my "socially stunted because she was literally created in a laboratory and raised by the Russian military in order to pilot an Evangelion, but she's just as much an awkward teenage girl as the other awkward teenage girls, and she's really perplexed by and protective of these Friend people she seems to have acquired" PC for Aedeptus Evangelion; the Warhammer 40K system with special rules in the Neon Genesis Evangelion fandom)

Dr. Clarissa Molloy, PhD. (my deceitful, anxious parapsychologist, who didn't actually believe in the supernatural… until she was trapped in a haunted and demon-infested house with a bunch of strangers PC for Witch Hunter; the homegrown system high-school-friend Jake made up after spending one spring break playing through the Silent Hill games and some Lovecraft-inspired video game)

Leila (my "cheerful, boisterous murder daemoness, previously a physically disabled and chronically ill cleric/healer sort, who sold her soul to Lord Larhal in exchange for strength and dexterity and magical prowess, like being able to rip giant magical newts in half with her bare hands, and she and her BFF Heidi, the formerly virginal succubus, have fallen in love and acquired a demonic intern named Gianna, who used to design RPGs while she was alive" PC for PitMUD; the equally homegrown system Jake made up to basically spoof the Hell out of D&D and other typical fantasy RPGs)

and Azura (the androgynous, sensationalist bard PC I spent today making for Dungeons: the Dragoning… who gets her first test run tonight, and has been described as Nella Patrick Harris, because she's charismatic and inherently talented [albeit not that worldly] and has a golden voice; ...I have no idea where Bryan and Jake found this one, but it's kind of a combination of the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40K, and World of Darkness, and the spirit of D&D and another of Jake's homegrown games, Gate of Manywhere [wherein it was possible to play literally any character ever, including a group-mind-linked flock of penguins... not that I played the Flock. The Flock was an NPC. My most memorable character for Manywhere was Vanessa Van Helsing, granddaughter of The Professor Van Helsing and eternal nemesis of the reborn Count Dracula]).

Anyway. La la, doot doot, nothing to see here. Certainly not anything of interest to anyone but me, [info]brogue, [info]museridden, [info]fruityoatybar, and [info]giraffery. Definitely not.

this is not a draft of an application form for Tony and Penny to give their modly yay/nay on. )

and this is not a prospective look of an available characters list. definitely not. )

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[19 May 2011|05:15am]
[ mood | scared. ]
[ music | Muppet Treasure Island. ]

It's really starting to sink in that, on Friday, I'm done with this fucking place and I never have to come back. (I mean, I might, if money allows and/or my mom wants to bum around Manhattan, spending money we don't have on shoes or whatever. But in the permanently sense, not in the "coming to visit my underclassmen friends and old professors" sense, I don't have to come back.)


But yeah. Graduation. The Hell is up with that.

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"meh" is a good word for it. [16 May 2011|02:50pm]
[ mood | meh. ]

Obligatory griping about Journal Deletion 2011 goes here.

Obligatory whining about ohmahgawdGRADUATIONWHAT goes here. (And mandatory rehearsal for it in ... oh, seven minutes.)

Obligatory crying about how I fail at being an adult and the real world is scary goes here.

And one, "I'm not thinking about rping Disney, [info]fruityoatybar and [info]griaffery, I swear, I have mad respect for how you've banned me from doing so until Wednesday. ... but if I were, I'd theoretically be PB hunting for Professor Ratigan, because I love them, but don't want to use Misha Collins (too many icons as Castiel, who's better for Basil of Baker Street, let's be real here) or Darren Criss (too many icons as Blaine Warbler, and I like Naya Rivera!Naveen too much to consider anyone else, and I don't want to be like "ALL OF THE GLEE PBS ARE MINE, RERK"). But this is just theoretical because it's not Wednesday yet. MHM."

Sighs. It needs to be 6:30 so I can have my Skype date with the BFF already.

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[09 May 2011|09:48am]
[ mood | sleepy. ]

This was a triumph!
I'm making a note here: "huge success."

Well. Not really yet. Spent last night having ... I don't want to say "a breakdown," but ... crying, and negative cognitive processes, and bad decisions. And then sleeping for eleven hours on and off. Intermittent nodding off interrupted by five-minute spells of going, "AAAH AAAAH MUST WOOOORK." and then nodding off again.

And now I'm making up a way to footnote [info]gyremods in a paper. A-yep.

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tuesdays are not my a-game days. [29 Mar 2011|09:16pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

8:16:20 PM Kassie: and I'm trying to pick a PB for … Terence and A-name's kid. he keeps thinking he looks like Andrew Garfield, and I'm just going, "…really?"
8:16:34 PM [info]fruityoatybar: XD
8:16:37 PM [info]fruityoatybar: (Graham)
8:16:42 PM Kassie: Yes. Graham. XD
8:16:51 PM [info]fruityoatybar: A, G, same thing. XD
8:17:18 PM Kassie: well, yeah. they're right next to each other in the phrase "a genius."
8:17:21 PM Kassie: which is what I am.
8:17:24 PM [info]fruityoatybar: XD
8:17:27 PM [info]fruityoatybar: Kassie, I love you.
8:17:36 PM Kassie: I love you too, Sally. :D

9:11:02 PM Kassie: … self-facepalm. … I blame Tuesdays. and how I apparently mentally live on not-Earth on Tuesdays.
9:11:18 PM High school friend Shara: ?
9:11:30 PM High school friend Shara: ;p
9:12:08 PM IRC RP friend Kommy: So where are you? Nice place? :p
9:12:16 PM Kassie: apparently Tuesdays amplify my usual space cadet nature, so I do things like … forget it's Tuesday, or go NEUTRALIZE IT!! … when I'm already doing so. :p
9:12:28 PM Kassie: … well, if I get to decide where I am, then … yes.
9:12:30 PM Kassie: Very nice.
9:13:16 PM Kassie: I want to be in a warm cozy library surrounded by rare books full of knowledge. also, attractive, scantily clad women. … and a talking cat to be my sidekick.
9:13:51 PM High school friend Jake: You just described my own desires. Save the cat. I would have an adorable smart-aleck fox with a little wizard hat.
9:13:55 PM High school friend Jake: Who hates voles.
9:13:57 PM IRC RP friend Kommy: So... you want to be the adorable, bookish member of a sailor scout team? :p
9:14:25 PM Kassie: Yes. :D

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[07 Mar 2011|08:09am]
[ mood | ugh. ]

I call shenanigans on my tl;dr habit.

This was supposed to be a five-page paper. It is six pages ... after I pulled all the margins back and switched to 11.5-point font. I would cry, but that would take more emotional energy than I feel like giving a kind of BS writing assignment for the class on my schedule that is a purposeful easy A.

I just ... I wish I could shut up. But it's like I can either have nothing to say or have too, too much and feel an unstoppable compulsion to say it, no matter what (like ... uhm, I have not been to bed. I have class in an hour and fifteen minutes. Because I've been writing or trying to calm down after working myself up too much during the writing. Oops). If I were a sane and rational individual, I would've shut up and gone to bed, but ...

Well, it's not like this is news.

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oh i do love this meme ever so. [25 Feb 2011|01:20am]
You give me a pairing (or just one character) and a color, and I'll give you a sentence. (or maybe more, considering that I don't have a "shut the fuck up" button.)
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[21 Feb 2011|04:18am]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | "Alejandro vs. Don't Turn Around" ]

I have lots of dislike for sending "I feel like shit and am up so late because my throat is on fire, my lungs don't want to stay in my body, the leg I dislocated because I can't dance isn't taking the weather well, and it feels like evil gnomes are repeatedly stabbing me in the back, therefore I may not be in class tomorrow, I'll get notes from my friend, see you Wednesday" emails. But I have more dislike for aforementioned problems and, screw it, I'm declaring tomorrow a mental health, "only leave my room for sustenance" kind of day. The past while has been a flurry of activity (Ann visiting! Sally visiting! Sally AND Ann visiting! Crazy guy at the 4/5/6 station, screaming about how werewolves go to Hell! Birthday! First shot of Jack Daniel's! Parents in town! Dragging my daddy and Tony to the Strand! Meeting my mom's friend and his boyfriend! My sister being a twat for no good reason! Classes and shit! Gyresplosion tonight!) — and I need a day to just. reboot.

With that said: tonight, I made myself a meme. I wanted to make up a new one, but my brain was being foggy because I'm kind of exhausted from aforementioned flurry of activity ... so I picked out a bunch of quotes I like (27, though this is whittled down considerably) and they're fic prompts now. I'm not setting limits on anybody (even you, Ann Louise, little miss can-prompt-into-eternity), and folks can use the same prompt over again ... and my track record for actually finishing fics sucks, but I'm basically putting this one up because I wanted something different to do, and I'm feeling really slothful right now so looking up previous fic prompts felt like a lot of work. They'll probably get written ... eventually. But these prompts came out of the conference reading I did on the train and the Freud reading I did for the class I'm skipping, and ... idk, I wanted to focus on quote prompts. Also, I'm curious to see who would pick which quotes for which character(s).

So, standard rap: pick prompts, assign to them pairings, or character(s), or dysfunctional family units or whatevskis. ♥

I've got the no pussy blues. )

Have at, lovelies. ♥

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it's my birthday & i'll cry if i want to. [18 Feb 2011|08:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]

But, fortunately, I don't want to cry and don't feel like it.

I'm going to go wait for mine and Tony's Chinese to get here (and pick up the ILL books I have waiting at the library), and work on my list of 21 people, places, and things that made the past year awesome.

And tomorrow? Dragging my parents and [info]brogue around the Village, cajoling my dad into following me to a liquor store because hey, if my sister gets 40s of tequila for passing grades, then I should get some super nice booze for my years of academic excellence, and Tony might dare my dad to a shot-for-shot contest over dinner.

Tick tock, on the clock, etc etc etc. (This is relevant because I've found a Ke$ha song I legitimately enjoy. It has lyrics like, "your little heart goes pitter patter / I want your liver on a platter.")

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good morning, ij. :D [08 Feb 2011|10:17am]
[ mood | pleasant ]
[ music | I have "Starstrukk" stuck in my head. I'm okay with that. ]

I'm in a good mood, despite having woken up with a monster headache and proceeded to trip over pretty much everything between my bed and the bathroom, and my plans for today basically come down to: finish class, print my (five pages over the requested length) paper and take it to Ron's office, rescue [info]giraffery from my Bat-Hovel where she is sleeping in, and write some Lucy stuff, some character development stuff, and some meta stuff (like, uh, finishing the "five things I keep in mind when writing X character" meme. A list for my sanity: Severus, Zach, Percy, Fishie, Kenneth, Andy, and Dylan because Jamie's psl is sort of dead. And Emerson and Simon because I feel like it, and they're who I'm writing about for Lucy).

And I feel like sharing my good mood. Since I can't bottle up the happiness I feel when talking about the queer theory reading of the Book of Ruth in Bible Class (and having Ron agree that it's pretty damn legitimate, SHAZAM!), I'm going to share a kitty:

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meme sunday~ [06 Feb 2011|02:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

Meme A, stolen from [info]tenbells: Give me a character I play currently or have played in the past, and I will give you up to five in game crushes he/she has had.

Meme B: Everyone has different sides to them, and almost no one fits completely in just one House. Some characters could fit into two or more. Give me any character I play, and I'll attempt to re-sort them based on my personal canon for them. For non-HP characters, I'll tell you what House they COULD have been in. If you disagree, tell me what House you think and why.

Meme C: I have 19,713 songs on my iPod. Pick a number and a character pairing (mine/yours) and I'll write a drabble based on the title of the track of the corresponding number.

Meme D: You post a "top five" topic, list, category, etc. for one of my characters, such as "five tattoos Serena would get" or "five reasons Bill recycles." Then I'll reply with the answers to all your top 5 ideas. Serious or fun!

edit: I stole this from [info]glitterberries because I love it.
Meme E: Give me one of my characters (past or present) and I will tell about about them and their life if they were Muggles, including where they live, what their job is, and five other random factoids. For my non-HP characters, I'll make them wizards and follow suit.

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this is going to be an andromeda tl;dr. [05 Feb 2011|03:56am]
[ mood | NOW SEE HERE. ]
[ music | south park/belle & sebastian. ]

Okay, Real Life. Seriously. I'm down with all the happiness lately, but there have been so many distractions in trying to write the Andromeda tl;dr I've wanted to write. I've started it three or four different times since Tuesday only to wind up going, "OOO SHINY!!" and ... not finishing it. And then I sit down to finish it and my train of thought is entirely off on Planet Fucking Zandor. So, I'ma break it down to the most basic points.

* Andromeda is not the easiest character for me to play: In large part, I think this is because she's loudest at me when she is fuck all angry about something. Like, I have varying degrees of difficulty with the characters of mine I'm not just killing (Barty, Chelsea, Elijah, Judith, Mary, Severus) — not least because Chelsea, for me, is a character who feels everything, and for whom those feelings don't always turn into words very easily; she'd use emoticons to talk to people if she could, but since she can't ... — but Meda ... askdkdfh. She's just so fucking guarded. Except when she's actively being pissed off. So I want to figure what her motivations and her major malfunction are in an attempt at making her easier to play, the notion basically being that ... I know how she handles things, but by figuring out her M-words, she can be more active and less reactive.

but in the first moment of her waking up, she knows she's losing it, yeah she's losing it. when the first cup of coffee tastes like washing up, she knows she's losing it, yeah she's losing it, yeah she's looooosing iiiiiiit.... ) basically. The problem has now become that I wrote a short (eta: this adjective has been removed on doing a word count of this tl;dr -__- ) treatise on Andromeda's motivations, why she has them, and potential actualizations of them in character, but feel bad about wanting to put it into practice because I feel like it's not relevant enough. hurm. I feel like this needs addressing. And on that note, I'm going to take a nap before I go to the City to pick up [info]giraffery. ♥

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[31 Jan 2011|02:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Level of happiness drastically increased by group conference with Sean — our section for Monday afternoon on B weeks is on the large side (though mine and [info]brogue's group conference from "Art and the Sacred" was still bigger), but we have a wide range of interests and everybody brings a lot to the table. And Sean still hasn't noticed that he should probably moderate my talking or I will just keep going. And I made a really sweet underclassman girl (who is also a fan of Augusten Burroughs — win!) laugh so hard that she facedesked with my idea that Foucault, God rest him, would have an awful lot to say about Facebook, were he alive and my points in support of this idea.

And my mom and I just had a 10+ minute talk in which she was a decent human being for the duration (it also helps that I did the calling, to tell her about this freaky strange coincidence that happened in class, so the talk was on my terms). Regardless of that parenthetical qualifying things: she's improving. Very slowly, but she is doing it. And these improvements make me happy

And I noticed during class that Google has, once again, changed the layout of G-Docs — because I take my notes on G-Docs so that: A. it's easier for me to keep up and harder for me to tune out because my hand starts cramping; and B. in the event I have some unforeseen computer failure or my longhand notebooks fall into a tsunami or something, I don't lose the majority of my work. And I coped with my resistance to change by making an organization sub-listy folder thing for all my class notes. Which I did by searching for "notes" and selecting all the class things — which put me in a position of finding a bunch of random silly things.

Which I am now going to share.

unfinished log of Leopold, Elijah, & Cecilia Brocklehurst playing "never have I ever":

lolololol drunk healers. )

from a character app, the doc of which is titled "Le Pretentious Twaddlecock":

his name was Izzy. he was an artist. )

the footnotes I had to give Ann Louise once, so that she and [info]stars_destined knew what [info]dieverwandlung and I were talking about during a drunken rant of his:

yes, I do consider it a great accomplishment that one of my logs required footnotes. :D )

a log in which [info]mousetraps drugged himself FOR SCIENCE:

so cute. oh so very cute. )

and in conclusion: [info]culling and [info]regulus share a ~* VERY MANLY HUG *~:

so cute. oh so very cute. )

The basic point of this being, "I'm happy. And I wanted to share things that make me happy with you all. ... and it apparently doesn't matter what I say Barty's sexual orientation is; he's pretty much always going to be gay for someone. And platonically in love with Bellatrix. But that's just assumed, at this point, really."

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